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Who can enrol in the Hong Kong Green Awards?

The Awards is open to local and international companies, large or small, that have pursued and achieved outstanding performance and results in the areas of green management, environmental, health and safety (EHS) management, green governance and sustainable procurement.


How many categories can I be enroled in?

You can enrol in multiple categories. There are five categories, including: Sustainable Procurement Award (SPA), Green Management Award (GMA), Environmental, Health and Safety Award (EHSA), Corporate Green Governance Award (CGGA) and Innovative Initiative Award (IIA) . Please note that CGGA is only applicable to large companies and usually listed companies. Please refer to the details of the enrolment eligibility in the Enrolment Conditions.

Does the project I enrol in need to have been completed within the year of the Awards (2023-2024)?

No. We accept enrolment that have been launched / created / started etc. no more than four years prior to the year of the Awards.

What is the eligibility for the Innovative Initiative Award(IIA)?

Initiative can be in form of program, scheme, adoption of equipment/tools/machines, change of process, systems, and has been a current and recent initiative since 2022.


Can I reapply if I enroled last year?

Yes! Please feel free to reapply if you have done something new in the past year or if there have been further impacts that you can report to strengthen your submission from last year.


Can I submit my enrolment in other languages?

Enrolment in Chinese and English are only accepted.


Are only Hong Kong-based projects eligible?

No. Projects can be international or local.


Are companies required to have an onsite audit?

No onsite audit is required.


What criteria will be considered by the judges during the selection process?

Each submission will be evaluated against the degree to which the project meets the category and to which the actions were deemed to be effective, impactful and innovative.


How are the Award recipients determined? Who selects the winners?

The Award winners are determined by the Panel Judge. After the deadline, all submissions will be reviewed and entrants will be invited to presentation if necessary. The winners will be announced at the Awards Presentation Ceremony and a List of Awardee will be published online.


Do I have to pay for submission?

We charge the enrolment fee according to your company size. Please refer to the Enrolment Conditions.


What is the timeline for submission?

All enrolment and submissions must be completed and submitted by Monday 9th September 2024.


Will I be able to edit my enrolment after I submit it?

Once submitted, all entries are considered final.


How will I find out if I win?

All winners will be notified via email by the Secretariat and contacted to plan their participation at the Awards Presentation Ceremony on 6 December 2024.


For any further queries, please contact:

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